Sky Sox Star Trek Night 2014

Last year I was sent an email from the Sky Sox, the Colorado Springs Minor League baseball team. My first thought was that it was a joke or scam. Who gets an email from a baseball team? But I gave them a call and started on the journey that has led to TWO awesome Star Trek theme nights with the Sky Sox. This weekend was the second, and it was awesome. Many of the photos and videos uploaded have gone to different places, so I thought it would be awesome Continue Reading →

I need a Budget. You Need A Budget.

I have finally given up being stubborn. I have given up my childish antics of trying to avoid acting like an adult with my finances. I have accepted the fact that I need a budget. But of course I have known that, and I have tried. But it has never worked. I don’t know if I just was not doing it correctly or trying to stick to a spreadsheet is just too much of a hassle to make work. But either way, I wasn’t budgeting properly. I know that I Continue Reading →

Minecraft Bedroom

My son went to stay with grandma for a couple of weeks this summer, and when he left his room was looking pretty bad. So we decided to give his room a minecraftt makeover. He’s old enough now that we can trust him to not tear up his room or write on walls, so we decided to go all in. There was one huge obstacle though, as with anything in life, it costs money. And we didn’t have much. So I decided to turn to the crowd source model. I Continue Reading →

New Beginnings

I have had several iterations of this blog in the past, but for some reason I never saw it as very useful with all of my other websites out there. But I have finally decided that it would be nice to have a place to put all of the random stuff that I want to share that doesn’t fall into the other compartments for the other websites that I own. So, I am relaunching this site. Yay! Here I will be posting photos, programming and UNIX tips, as well as Continue Reading →