Minecraft Bedroom

My son went to stay with grandma for a couple of weeks this summer, and when he left his room was looking pretty bad. So we decided to give his room a minecraftt makeover. He’s old enough now that we can trust him to not tear up his room or write on walls, so we decided to go all in.

There was one huge obstacle though, as with anything in life, it costs money. And we didn’t have much. So I decided to turn to the crowd source model. I put a post up on Facebook announcing what I was going to do, and asked people to help. I was humbled, and overwhelmed by the response I got from people. I felt guilty and ashamed to have to ask for help, but the fact that so many people were willing to help; it’s just awesome.

Day 1-2 – Prep Work

Minecraft Room 01


It seemed like the prep work took forever. We had to tape up around the windows and door frame, patch up all of the holes in the wall, and then tape up the outline for the sky, grass, and dirt, and of course clean out the entire room. And then I tried to tackle the popcorn on the ceiling. I heard it doesn’t take very long to do, spray it with some water and scrape it off. They didn’t tell me they have large scrapers that make this easy… I, on the other hand, had a 1.5″ plastic putty knife…. It took forever.

Day 3 – Paint the Sky & Dirt

Minecraft Room 02

On the first day I got a coat of paint on the wall and ceiling for the sky, and of course for the dirt. Nothing special here.

Day 4 – Grass / Door / Closet

Minecraft Room 03

After the blue and brown paint dried, we put the painters tape right at the edge of the existing painters tape, covering up the edge of the blue and brown. Then we pulled off the original layer of tape that was protecting where the grass would go. This gave us nice sharp lines. We just had to be careful to not go over the tape too much.

We also decided to make the door into a Nether Portal, so we put a coat of black on the door frame and painted the door purple.

Minecraft Room 04

For the closet we decided to make it look like it was in a cave. So we taped off where the creeper would go and painted the rest of the closet gray.

Day 5 – Pixilation

Minecraft Room 05 Minecraft Room 06

I saw other Minecraft rooms where the dots around the edge was done by using the painters tape to tape off each individual square… No Thank You!

I took a sponge (regular kitchen sponge) and cut it into a 2 inch square. Then I stamped on a darker and lighter color of green and brown all around the edge. Because the sponge isn’t a very solid stamp we went back over it with a small paint brush to make it look even. This was time consuming, but fairly easy, and way less time consuming than taping up the individual squares would have been. The overall effect was really cool.

We also taped up some different shaped clouds and the sun, and painted them.

Today is the first day that it really started to look Minecrafty.

Day 6 – Creeper

Minecraft Room 07 Minecraft Room 08


My friend Brycen came over to help us with some of the detailed artwork. He did a really good job of detailing the creeper and showed us some techniques that would come in very handy later on.

We then pixilated the cave, using the same technique as earlier with a 2 inch sponge and a lighter and darker color of gray.

Minecraft Room 08

After looking at other people’s awesome Minecraft themed rooms we decided to be a little unique and make ours more personal. In the game my son always plays using a Donald Duck skin, I always play as Taz, and my wife, she changes characters more often than creepers blow up awesome creations, so she just picked an awesome looking Dark Elf for the day.. So we decided to start the process of painting these characters onto our wall.

Minecraft Room 09

With all of this going on one wall was looking a little empty, so we painted a tree onto the wall, and then added some finishing touches to the closet by painting a few ores on top of the stone.

Yes, we did all of this in one day after work. The fact that I was up until 4:30 am working on it may or may not have impacted me at work the following day. 😀

Day 7-8 – Taz

Minecraft Room 10

This day was mostly just touch up work and I started working on my Taz character. I cut out a new sponge into an approximate 1.5 inch “pixel” and tried to roughly copy the skin from the game.

This ended up being a very bad night. Not only did I spill a quart of black paint all over the hallway carpet, which I had to re purchase…, I also opened up an old can of paint we had in the basement which went bad. The smell of it literally made me sick to my stomach. After that I was done for the night… We had 2 cans of old paint, one was just fine, the other… notsomuch.

The following day was just way too hot in the room sitting at over 95 degrees by 7 pm, so we got nothing done.

Day 9 – Character Skins

Minecraft Room 11

For Taz and the face of the Dark Elf we used the 1.5″ sponge to pixilate everything. The look, is a little interesting. Not bad, but it needs a lot of touch up work. We also started on the Donald in the same way and did more touch up around the room.

Minecraft Room 12

Almost done, and it just looks…. odd. Cool, but a little bit creepy. And then I had to go and step on a bag of paint (from mixing colors) and it exploded all over the wall….. Sigh.

Day 10-11 – Redo…

I tried to touch up everything, but Donald’s arms were almost 2 inches too wide and his face was a good inch and a half too narrow… Using the 1.5 inch sponge to measure across just isn’t very accurate, no matter how carefully I placed everything. So I had to scrap it all and start over, this time using the method that Brycen showed me with the creeper.

Minecraft Room 13

We taped up around and over EVERYTHING, starting with the face and working our way down. Then we would uncover only the part that needed that particular color of paint. We used the width of the tape, nearly 1.5 inches, for the width of the pixels, and used a level to make sure the tape was in straight horrizontal and vert

Minecraft Room 14

Part way through I ran out of the blue tape and switched to the roll of green tape I had laying around. Luckily it was almost exactly the same size. All of the small pieces of tape everywhere are from what we had to cut away every time we wanted to do a new color or new feature of the face. This process was long and tedious.

Minecraft Room 15

The end results are absolutely stunning! Donald looks way better than he did before, and the Taz looks pretty good other than the fact that it looks like he is wearing Cammo Pants. 😀

Day 12 – The Tree / New Carpet / Accessories

This is it, the final day!

Minecraft Room 16 Minecraft Room 17

We used the 1.5 inch sponge to paint on the tree, but did not paint over it with the brush. This gave a very see-through tree-leaf look.

Minecraft Room 18 Minecraft Room 19


For the door frame we painted it black and then put purple streaks using a brush. This makes it look like Obsidian.

For the door, we painted it purple and then used pink paint to put the swirls on, but either my artwork was really bad (likely) or the color was too bright (also likely) or both, but it looked horrible. I was going to start over and just cover it with paint and do something different, but after putting on one coat of the purple paint the pink that showed through looked really cool. It almost looks like a Nether Portal. So I left it with just the one coat and put some pink sparkle things around it. After the carpet was installed we put the door up.

Done Painting!

Minecraft Room 23 Minecraft Room 22 Minecraft Room 21 Minecraft Room 20 Minecraft Room 24 Minecraft Room 25

With Furniture

Minecraft Room 26


2014-07-06 18.10.34 2014-07-06 18.13.42


Minecraft Room Pano


Malikai’s Reaction

5 thoughts on “Minecraft Bedroom

  1. NAna

    This is fantastic. You both did a fabulous job. He will enjoy this for many years to come. Someday he will be old enough to really appreciate all the work you did. That was a wonderful idea. Glad you got to do all you did.

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  3. Dan

    Really cool job. My daughter has been asking for something like this but neither my wife or I are very artsy. I did have a question, what color paints did you use to do the dirt and grass?

    • DarkMyth Post author

      I don’t know the exact colors used. What I did was went to the store and found the base color I wanted for the dirt/grass/rock. Then I choose a color lighter and a color darker than that one for the pixels.

  4. Esther Douglas

    I love this room. And well done on getting it done so fast. My son has been asking me for months. And I have finnally started. I wish I had found you before I started as I am trying to make it look more like the game ( three dimentional) I has not been going well. I dont know why I didnt go with the sponge method it would have looked SOOOO much With one wall almost done Im not going to change all of it. But I’m deffinatly going to redo a few pieces. thanks for sharing.


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