Sky Sox Star Trek Night 2014

Last year I was sent an email from the Sky Sox, the Colorado Springs Minor League baseball team. My first thought was that it was a joke or scam. Who gets an email from a baseball team?


But I gave them a call and started on the journey that has led to TWO awesome Star Trek theme nights with the Sky Sox.

This weekend was the second, and it was awesome. Many of the photos and videos uploaded have gone to different places, so I thought it would be awesome to put everything in one place.


Walter Koenig, the original Chekov from Star Trek The Original Series (TOS) made an appearance.


You can see all of the pictures I took on my Flickr page.


Here are the videos that we have collected so far.

Walter Koenig First Pitch

USS Zebulon Pike Fan Table

The USS Zebulon Pike is the Colorado Springs chapter of STARFLEET International. We spent the day trying to recruit new members and helped make the entire night awesome.

Borg Assimilation

The Borg made his first appearance on the field by kidnapping and assimilating one of the fans.

 Frak Spotted

The Borg wasn’t the only sketchy character who showed up. Frak, the Ferengi attempted to buy women and children. He had Latinum to spend.

Post-Game Show

There was a lot to the skit during the game and after the game. I missed all of the “on-screen” stuff, but am trying to acquire those videos. This was the whole post game show, except for the on-screen videos.

Videos NOT taken by me

If you have any more videos or photos please share the links.

4 thoughts on “Sky Sox Star Trek Night 2014

    • DarkMyth Post author

      Thanks Duane. It was nice seeing you guys at the game. Thanks for coming out and representing STARFLEET and the USS Pioneer.

  1. shelley walters

    Hi there!
    My name is Shelley and I made the cake for the star trek event at sky sox this year!
    I am just wondering if any photos were taken with any of the characters with the cake?
    I would love to have a copy of so!! If not no problem. Just curious
    Thanks so much for the opportunity

    • DarkMyth Post author

      Shelley, I didn’t know there was a cake! How did I miss that? Next time if you let us know ( we will make sure we get pictures of the cake. I’m usually the photographer for most of the events that the ZP is involved with.


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