Disappointing Photo Hikes

I went on my first Photography Hike in a while. I did this to test out my new camera (Canon 6D Mark 1), and to get back out there to practice photography again.

Well, I don’t know why, but I’m actually quite disappointed with the photos. Maybe it is because I went during one of the worst times to get outdoor photos (just near high noon), or maybe I just didn’t focus on a subject well enough, or whatever the reason, the photos I took just didn’t impress me like the actual sights did that day.

So I tried to recover and make the photos special during post-processing, but still it isn’t good enough to include in my main collection. But I still want to share them, so here is this blog post! Or, am I just being too critical?

I mean, there is nothing really “wrong” with these pictures. Many who look at them may actually enjoy them, but there just seems to be something missing.

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