Here are the websites that I manage, or had a part in creating.

Name URL Engine
Jon Zenor Wordpress
J. L. Zenor Wordpress
Eternal Truth Ministry Wordpress
USS Zebulon Pike PHP
Region 17 Wordpress
Region 17 Chaplains Wordpress
Serenity Roster PHP/Laravel Application
Galaxy Fest Wordpress

 Site Details

Yeah, I know I just gave this list to you, but showing a bunch of information about the site in a table isn’t ideal, so above is the basic list, and here are the detailed pieces of information.

Jon Zenor

Engine: WordPress

Purpose: This website is a general website for me, pretty much as a central place to put everything about me, from my writing to pictures and different projects that I do.

As it was intended that this would be a blog for me to share information, WordPress seemed to be a good fit.

J. L. Zenor

Engine: WordPress

Purpose: I am aspiring to be a published author one day. This website is dedicated to my writing and everything I’m learning about writing along the way.

Eternal Truth Ministry

Engine: WordPress

Purpose: This is my ministry website, devoted to sharing things that I, and others I know, have learned in our years of walking with God, and our struggles with maintaining that walk.

USS Zebulon Pike

Engine: PHP self made website

Purpose: This site has multiple purposes, from advertising for our STARFLEET chapter to organizing the roster and attendance in a back-end database.

Region 17

Engine: Wordpress

Purpose: As the Chief of Communications for STARFLEET, Region 17, it is my responsibility to maintain the website.

We created this as a WordPress site to keep things simple and allow other people to publish articles through the site.

Region 17 Chaplains

Engine: Wordpress

Purpose: Along with being the Region 17 Cheif of Communications, I’m also the Region 17 Chaplain Liaison. This site is supposed is not updated often as it doesn’t have much information to share, and will most likely be merged with the Region 17 website in the future to simplify everything.

Serenity Roster

Engine: PHP / Laravel

Purpose: This website is created to be a tool usable by chapters of STARFLEET International. It is a full roster system allowing chapters to manage their roster, assign points, and perform other management tasks all from one place.

This is built using a PHP framework called Laravel, and uses a MySQL server for it’s back end database.

The design of the site is also created by me, but I am willing to take on help from a designer who can help me develop the application faster and make it look better.

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